Three Tips For Choosing Furniture If You Own Pets

Maybe you’re interested in getting new furniture, but you have dogs or cats. Whether they’re allowed to be up on your sofa and chairs or not, their fur can get all over your upholstery. When you visit the furniture store, do so with your pets in mind, and follow these tips for purchasing new items.

1. Choose the right upholstery.

Look for fabrics that will be easy to clean. Synthetic fibers or microfibers are usually your best bet, and can look nice too. You can easily wipe up dog or cat hair, and the texture of the material is less appealing to cats who like to sharpen their claws.

Leather is another easy-to-wipe option that doesn’t attract pet hair, but your pet’s nails can puncture the leather if you let your pets get on the sofa — or if they get up when you’re not around.

Anything textured, like tweed or linen, is best to avoid. It will attract and trap fur that can make it hard to clean.

If you’re purchasing new furniture, it’s likely you don’t want to rely on slipcovers and blankets to protect the fabric, but those are always options. Be sure to apply a fabric protection spray to make the sofa or chair easier to spot clean.

2. Look for patterns.

You want to choose furnishings that don’t show dirt and fur easily, so an attractive pattern is likely to be your best pet. 

Look for darker colors — no white backgrounds — and something that is varied, like a floral pattern. A checkerboard or stripe pattern can actually show fur more because of the contrast.

3. Avoid furnishings with exposed wood.

No matter how hard you try, keeping your cats from using a sofa as a scratching post can be tough. Wood arms or details on your new furniture make for a better scratching experience for your cat, so unless you can’t live without the look of wood, you’re best off sticking to fully upholstered pieces.

If your cat enjoys scratching on regular upholstery, try these options:

  • Make sure you’ve got an appealing scratching post. Too many scratching posts for cats are not sturdy enough to appeal to your pets. Get a heavy duty one and keep it where your cat likes to hang out — in other words, don’t hide it in a back bedroom and expect it to be convenient when your cat gets the urge to sharpen its claws.
  • Keep your cat’s claws trimmed. Dull claws can’t do as much damage to your upholstery. Alternatively, consider soft caps that fits over your cat’s claws. They can be applied by a vet (or by you if you’re comfortable doing it) and can last for several weeks.
  • Temporarily hang an old sheet over the arms of the furniture that your cat likes to scratch. The sheet won’t stay taunt or provide a good scratching experience.

Talk to a local furniture store, like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses, about the best options available for you given your living situation and the types of pets you own.

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A Shopper’s Guide To Garbage Disposals

When you want a component that will make your home life easier, few items compare to a garbage disposal. Once you have experience the power and usefulness of a quality garbage disposal, it will be hard to go back to a traditional sink. Because of this, you need to make sure that you do all that you can to purchase an excellent garbage disposal unit and have it installed by a professional. To put your best foot forward with that goal, read the information in this piece. 

Ask Yourself A Few Critical Questions First

Before shopping around for a garbage disposal, you will first need to take inventory of your needs and settle a few important questions. The first question deals with whether or not a disposal will be safe and beneficial based upon the water and sewage system in your city, town or county. Some localities have ordinances regarding this, which also let you know the size and scale of garbage disposal that would be the most beneficial. Next, you will need to decide whether your septic system is equipped to handle a garbage disposal, if you are on private plumbing and sewage. Further, you should ask yourself whether you are ready for the additional water use that is necessary to get the most out of a garbage disposal, and should have your pipes inspected by a plumbing contractor to make sure there are no major issues. Once you have satisfied these questions, you can begin shopping.

Consider Garbage Disposal Horsepower

When you shop for a garbage disposal, horsepower is the most important criteria to keep in mind. A 1/3 hp system is the most affordable option, but also the least powerful, making it susceptible to clogs and jams. The 1/2 hp system is powerful enough for most homes, but still on the lower end of the spectrum. These units also create more noise. The 3/4 and 1 hp options are among the most powerful, with 1 hp systems even able to grind things like chicken bones. Think about the time of garbage you create on a regular basis to determine which systems would be ideal for you. 

Shop Around For Price Quotes

If you want to find great deals on any garbage disposal, you should check for garbage disposal reviews, as you shop around for quotes on those particular models. On the low end, you can expect to pay between $50 and $115 for a 1/3 hp system and close to $400 for a 1 hp system. 

Use this information as you look to find the best garbage disposal for your home. 

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Choosing The Right Commercial Refrigerator For Your Business

If you are opening a food business and are in the process of deciding on the right commercial refrigerator for your business’s needs, the information in this article will help educate you on the different types. This way, you can quickly determine exactly which commercial refrigerator is going to meet your needs the best.

  • Dual temperature commercial refrigerators – This type of refrigerator has a cooling unit on one side and a heated unit on the other. This allows you to keep refrigerated foods cold and prepared foods heated. It’s a great choice for a fast paced food business where hot and cold items need to be easily accessible.
  • Display commercial refrigerators – These refrigerators can keep your items refrigerated, or the temperature can be turned down to keep things frozen. They feature glass doors so the items inside can be displayed. This makes them a good choice if your intent is to sell food directly out of the refrigerator to the public.
  • Reach-in commercial refrigerators – These refrigerators are designed similarly to residential refrigerators. They can have one door or several doors. They feature shallow shelves so you can reach foods easily. If your business runs at a fast pace, this type of refrigerator will cut down on prep time by making sure everything is within arm’s reach.
  • Rolling commercial refrigerators – Rolling refrigerators keep foods cold, but they are also portable. The smaller size makes them somewhat limiting, but they are the perfect choice if you need to keep your cold food items moving with you, such as when you are catering an event or constantly need your cold foods always nearby.
  • In-counter commercial refrigerators – You can get refrigerators that are actually built in to the counters. You can have them designed so you open them by lifting the countertop or by opening a door in the side, under the counter. This is a great choice if you run a business such as a deli. This way, you can always have your cold cuts within reach while you are serving your customers.
  • Walk-in commercial refrigerators – Walk-in refrigerators are very large, providing so much room that you need to step inside them to reach food items. They are perfect for businesses that have a large inventory of food they need to keep cold and on hand. These refrigerators can be so large they can accommodate many full sides of meat or large amounts of food cases.

When you are trying to find the right commercial refrigerators for your needs, you want to consider the size, the convenience, the location and the needs of your business. Visit to browse more commercial refrigerators.

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Emerging Fire Alarm Appliance Tech To Keep Your Customers Safer

Fire disasters aren’t just a threat because of their potential damage to your business building. Making sure your customers stay safe through having fewer fires overall and more efficient means of encouraging evacuation during fires is also important. Here are a few appliances you can put in place that will help increase customer protection from accidental fires.

Voice Alarms

Traditionally, bells have been used to notify people of dangers involving fires. The problem is that this only serves to frighten people inside of stores. Several studies have been done that show that a voice calmly instructing people to evacuate the building is more effective than a bell or strobe lights. People will apparently move more quickly and calmly when they hear a voice.

It’s possible to upgrade an existing system to have speakers that can deliver this voice message to a wider area. This is especially useful if your business involves larger stores. The quicker people are informed of potential fires, the quicker they can get out of the building and the safer they’ll be overall.

This will also make for calmer customers who will create fewer incidents within the store. Additionally, many modern speaker systems are efficient enough to use less energy than many strobe light systems, making this a perfectly cost-efficient approach. It’s this combination of benefits that’s making many businesses move towards voice-based appliances.

Early-Warning Fire Surveillance Appliances

The earlier that you can detect a fire in your store, the safer your customers will be. There are some new technologies out there these days that can use special air sampling surveillance systems to give this early warning.

These systems seek to decrease the amount of time it takes from when smoke is in the air to when an alarm signal is sounded. One of the ways this is done is by using lasers in smart systems. One example of this is aspirating smoke detectors. These systems use blue and infrared laser emitters to pick up on smoke particles in the air.

Once the lasers have picked up on the particles, smart systems inside of the surveillance equipment can determine whether the particles are steam, dust or smoke from a fire. This is determined through the size and concentration of the particles. Lasers are made of light, so they are very fast when it comes to hitting particles and then getting back to the sensor.

This is the reason why these systems are especially effective at covering large businesses with spacious single rooms where smoke particles may not make it to traditional fire surveillance detectors as quickly. For more information about fire alarms, visit Alliance Appliance Of Rockland & Authentic Alarm.

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4 Things to Look for in a Commercial Vacuum

A commercial vacuum is a high-powered machine that people use to clean their businesses or residential properties. When you buy a commercial vacuum for your own needs, there are many things you need to consider. Here is a list of 4 things you should look for in a commercial vacuum to help ensure you buy the best one.

How much space you’ll be cleaning

What do you plan on using your commercial vacuum for? If you have a large warehouse, then you need a more industrial-sized riding commercial vacuum that can sweep over many square feet of space at a time. If you simply want a commercial vacuum to clean your office, then a traditional upright or even shoulder pack variety should suit you fine.

What you’ll be vacuuming

If you plan on vacuuming up a shop at the end of the day, you need a commercial vacuum that can handle sucking up nails, glass, and other debris. If you are in the food industry, seek a model that has flexible hosing for retrieving food particles from under tables and in corners. If you work with residential houses, you want a commercial vacuum that can adjust to a variety of carpet lengths for optimum cleaning. Choose a commercial vacuum that is best designed for the type of cleaning you need to do.

Ease of use

You may want to consider a bagless model of commercial vacuum cleaner if multiple people will be using it. This simpler variety is easier to clean out and requires little training. Another option is a shoulder vacuum, which employees can wear like a backpack while they clean up around their desk or counter. You may want to choose a lightweight variety as well, so all your employees will be able to move it safely. If only a janitor or other assigned person will be using your vacuum, you can choose a more ornate model, including a riding style for quick cleaning.


If you work in an industry where debris and chemicals are present, you’ll want a commercial vacuum with a good filtration system. A HEPA filter helps get rid of dander, hair, debris, chemicals, and allergens that can otherwise pollute the air you and your staff breathe. If you are in the cleaning industry or work with animals, for example, this is an option you want to consider for your commercial vacuum purchase.

A commercial vacuum is necessary to help keep your business clean. An appliance sales associate from a company like Sweeper World can help you choose the right commercial vacuum for your needs based on the factors mentioned above.

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