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how much are your old appliances costing you?

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how much are your old appliances costing you?

4 Things to Look for in a Commercial Vacuum

by Mae Neal

A commercial vacuum is a high-powered machine that people use to clean their businesses or residential properties. When you buy a commercial vacuum for your own needs, there are many things you need to consider. Here is a list of 4 things you should look for in a commercial vacuum to help ensure you buy the best one.

How much space you'll be cleaning

What do you plan on using your commercial vacuum for? If you have a large warehouse, then you need a more industrial-sized riding commercial vacuum that can sweep over many square feet of space at a time. If you simply want a commercial vacuum to clean your office, then a traditional upright or even shoulder pack variety should suit you fine.

What you'll be vacuuming

If you plan on vacuuming up a shop at the end of the day, you need a commercial vacuum that can handle sucking up nails, glass, and other debris. If you are in the food industry, seek a model that has flexible hosing for retrieving food particles from under tables and in corners. If you work with residential houses, you want a commercial vacuum that can adjust to a variety of carpet lengths for optimum cleaning. Choose a commercial vacuum that is best designed for the type of cleaning you need to do.

Ease of use

You may want to consider a bagless model of commercial vacuum cleaner if multiple people will be using it. This simpler variety is easier to clean out and requires little training. Another option is a shoulder vacuum, which employees can wear like a backpack while they clean up around their desk or counter. You may want to choose a lightweight variety as well, so all your employees will be able to move it safely. If only a janitor or other assigned person will be using your vacuum, you can choose a more ornate model, including a riding style for quick cleaning.


If you work in an industry where debris and chemicals are present, you'll want a commercial vacuum with a good filtration system. A HEPA filter helps get rid of dander, hair, debris, chemicals, and allergens that can otherwise pollute the air you and your staff breathe. If you are in the cleaning industry or work with animals, for example, this is an option you want to consider for your commercial vacuum purchase.

A commercial vacuum is necessary to help keep your business clean. An appliance sales associate from a company like Sweeper World can help you choose the right commercial vacuum for your needs based on the factors mentioned above.