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how much are your old appliances costing you?

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how much are your old appliances costing you?

Emerging Fire Alarm Appliance Tech To Keep Your Customers Safer

by Mae Neal

Fire disasters aren't just a threat because of their potential damage to your business building. Making sure your customers stay safe through having fewer fires overall and more efficient means of encouraging evacuation during fires is also important. Here are a few appliances you can put in place that will help increase customer protection from accidental fires.

Voice Alarms

Traditionally, bells have been used to notify people of dangers involving fires. The problem is that this only serves to frighten people inside of stores. Several studies have been done that show that a voice calmly instructing people to evacuate the building is more effective than a bell or strobe lights. People will apparently move more quickly and calmly when they hear a voice.

It's possible to upgrade an existing system to have speakers that can deliver this voice message to a wider area. This is especially useful if your business involves larger stores. The quicker people are informed of potential fires, the quicker they can get out of the building and the safer they'll be overall.

This will also make for calmer customers who will create fewer incidents within the store. Additionally, many modern speaker systems are efficient enough to use less energy than many strobe light systems, making this a perfectly cost-efficient approach. It's this combination of benefits that's making many businesses move towards voice-based appliances.

Early-Warning Fire Surveillance Appliances

The earlier that you can detect a fire in your store, the safer your customers will be. There are some new technologies out there these days that can use special air sampling surveillance systems to give this early warning.

These systems seek to decrease the amount of time it takes from when smoke is in the air to when an alarm signal is sounded. One of the ways this is done is by using lasers in smart systems. One example of this is aspirating smoke detectors. These systems use blue and infrared laser emitters to pick up on smoke particles in the air.

Once the lasers have picked up on the particles, smart systems inside of the surveillance equipment can determine whether the particles are steam, dust or smoke from a fire. This is determined through the size and concentration of the particles. Lasers are made of light, so they are very fast when it comes to hitting particles and then getting back to the sensor.

This is the reason why these systems are especially effective at covering large businesses with spacious single rooms where smoke particles may not make it to traditional fire surveillance detectors as quickly. For more information about fire alarms, visit Alliance Appliance Of Rockland & Authentic Alarm.