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how much are your old appliances costing you?

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how much are your old appliances costing you?

Choosing The Right Commercial Refrigerator For Your Business

by Mae Neal

If you are opening a food business and are in the process of deciding on the right commercial refrigerator for your business's needs, the information in this article will help educate you on the different types. This way, you can quickly determine exactly which commercial refrigerator is going to meet your needs the best.

  • Dual temperature commercial refrigerators – This type of refrigerator has a cooling unit on one side and a heated unit on the other. This allows you to keep refrigerated foods cold and prepared foods heated. It's a great choice for a fast paced food business where hot and cold items need to be easily accessible.
  • Display commercial refrigerators – These refrigerators can keep your items refrigerated, or the temperature can be turned down to keep things frozen. They feature glass doors so the items inside can be displayed. This makes them a good choice if your intent is to sell food directly out of the refrigerator to the public.
  • Reach-in commercial refrigerators – These refrigerators are designed similarly to residential refrigerators. They can have one door or several doors. They feature shallow shelves so you can reach foods easily. If your business runs at a fast pace, this type of refrigerator will cut down on prep time by making sure everything is within arm's reach.
  • Rolling commercial refrigerators – Rolling refrigerators keep foods cold, but they are also portable. The smaller size makes them somewhat limiting, but they are the perfect choice if you need to keep your cold food items moving with you, such as when you are catering an event or constantly need your cold foods always nearby.
  • In-counter commercial refrigerators – You can get refrigerators that are actually built in to the counters. You can have them designed so you open them by lifting the countertop or by opening a door in the side, under the counter. This is a great choice if you run a business such as a deli. This way, you can always have your cold cuts within reach while you are serving your customers.
  • Walk-in commercial refrigerators – Walk-in refrigerators are very large, providing so much room that you need to step inside them to reach food items. They are perfect for businesses that have a large inventory of food they need to keep cold and on hand. These refrigerators can be so large they can accommodate many full sides of meat or large amounts of food cases.

When you are trying to find the right commercial refrigerators for your needs, you want to consider the size, the convenience, the location and the needs of your business. Visit AppliancesConnection.com to browse more commercial refrigerators.