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how much are your old appliances costing you?

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how much are your old appliances costing you?

New Year's Goal To Lose A Few Pounds? 2 Nutritious Morning Smoothie Recipes & Blendtec Vs Vitamix

by Mae Neal

The new year is quickly arriving, and now is the time to begin preparing for a year of healthy eating to finally lose those extra pounds that are taking a toll on your health. Many people who have succeeded at losing weight agree that kicking off the day by whipping up a nutrient-packed smoothie helped them reach their diet goals. Other healthy breakfasts take time to prepare that most people simply don't have on busy work mornings, and skipping breakfast can lead you to make unhealthy eating decisions later in the day. So, the questions are: what blender is best for you to create your smoothies and what smoothie recipes pack the most nutrition with few calories?

Blendtech vs Vitamix: Which Has the Edge?

You need a very powerful blender to create fresh smoothies, because budget blenders won't break down fruits, vegetables, and nuts into a drinkable form. Blendtech and Vitamix blenders are both powerful machines that can whip up smoothies quickly and pulverize anything you put into them. Since your goal is to use your blender in the morning when you are a little sleepy-headed, choosing one that has the most intuitive control panel for you is important. Vitamix uses a classic dial control, and if you are less tech-savvy, then this dial is likely perfect for you. You don't have to worry about remembering which button to push or when to push it, and you can simply turn the dial on to blend and back off when your smoothie is pulverized. 

However, the button-based control panel of a Blendtec does have its advantages, and you may love the control it offers if you are better with buttons than dials. Each button on a Blendtec base performs a specific job, like crushing ice or finishing off your smoothie into a super-smooth concoction. Like a little texture in your smoothie? You can find the specific button that leaves your smoothie at just the right consistency for you, and once you find it, you can skip the other controls and just hit that button in the morning.

In the end, neither control panel is "better" than the other. Just choose the one that you suspect will be easiest for you to use on busy mornings when you need to prepare your healthy smoothie quickly. 

2 Healthy Morning Smoothie Recipes

If you are new to making smoothies, then you may not know what to include in them that will make them healthy, filling, and tasty. Later, when creating your own recipes, remember the one basic guideline for making a healthy smoothie that tides you over until lunch. You want to include at least one fiber-packed fruit or vegetable, a good source of protein, and a source of healthy, unsaturated fat. 

Here are two ideas to get you started:

1. Chocolate-Strawberry Delight

1 cup sugar-free yogurt 

1 T almond butter or 3 fresh almonds

1 t. cocoa powder

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries 

3 ice cubes (skip if using frozen strawberries)

Stevia or other non-caloric sweetener of choice (if desired)

Add all ingredients into your Blendtec or Vitamix and blend on medium speed until smooth and creamy. 

2. Pumpkin Delight

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

1/2 t. allspice or cinnamon

1 cup sugar-free Greek yogurt 

3 whole walnuts or pecans

3 ice cubes

Stevia or other non-caloric sweetener of choice (if desired)

Add all ingredients to high-powered blender and blend until smooth. 

If you are looking to finally lose those few pounds this year that have been plaguing you and your health, drinking healthy morning smoothies can help you finally reach your weight-loss goals. Remember that you need a high-powered, quality blender to create them, like a Vitamix or Blendtec, and to choose recipes that include healthy fiber, protein, and just a little fat to help keep you full until lunchtime.